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Celebrity Diaper Quotes: 10 Stars Who Have Very Strong Opinions

It's a dirty job, and someone's gotta do it, but that person is not Matthew McConaughey. The actor was recently asked if he was "running home" from an event to change his almost 2-week-old son's diaper. "I was there this morning, so I guess I am running home. But I'm not changing the diapers," he said, according to People.

Unsurprisingly, McConaughey isn't the only celebrity who has "somebody" changing his baby. Saying you are anti-diaper-duty appears to be a common admission in Hollywood. But, wait! There are some A-listers who consider it one of their favorite pastimes. So in case you've been waiting for a roundup of celebrity quotes about diapers, er, here you go.

Matthew McConaughey:
matthew mcconaugheyCredit: Getty

Nick Cannon:
nick cannonCredit: Getty

Will Ferrell:
will ferrellCredit: Getty

Hilary Duff:
hilary duffCredit: Getty

Bow Wow:
bow wowCredit: Getty

Giuliana Rancic:
giuliana rancicCredit: Getty

Gavin Rossdale:
gavin rossdaleCredit: Getty

beyonceCredit: Getty

Bubba Watson:
bubba watson diaper quoteCredit: Getty

snookiCredit: Getty