These People Look SO Much Like Celebrities, It's Hard To Believe They're Not Clones

Can You Figure Out Which One Is NOT The Celebrity?

On Thursday, a curious Redditor posed a question on the social news site. “Reddit, do you have a celebrity look-alike?” the netizen asked. “If so, can you share a side-by-side comparison.”

The response was swift, overwhelming and crazy impressive.

One guy said he often gets stopped in the street because of his wow-I-can’t-believe-you’re-not-Ed-Sheeran resemblance to the English singer-songwriter.

Another Redditor said his friend looked a lot like Michael Cera in high school:

One man's dad has been mistaken for TV host and comedian Craig Ferguson:

And this guy is the spitting image of Michael Fassbender. Get out of town!

Also making waves on the Reddit thread is a Peter Dinklage doppelgänger:

…a woman who looks a lot like Emma Watson:

…a dude whose friend who could play the main character in "Dexter":

…a man who should be Eddie Murphy’s stunt double:

…a lady who looks a lot like Scarlett Johansson:

...a woman who could be related to Jane Krakowski:

...a Steve Buscemi clone:

…and two friends who are basically Jonah Hill and Zach Galifianakis:

“Came in expecting half-baked vague resemblances… Got my mind [f**king] blown, instead,” wrote one impressed Redditor after scrolling through the thread. “I can't believe some of the similarities going on here.”

For more insane celebrity doppelgänger action, take a look at the awesome Reddit thread yourself.

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