14 Celebrities Who Have Gracefully Rocked Locs (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Stars Who Have Rocked Locs

Social media has been up in an uproar this week over the racially insensitive comments Giuliana Rancic made towards actress/singer Zendaya during Monday’s episode of E!’s “Fashion Police."

The E! News co-host reviewed Zendaya's Academy Awards look, which came complete with faux waist-length locs, and described the star as smelling like "patchouli oil…or weed."

Meanwhile, celebrities like Solange, have shared their support for the 18-year-old actress-singer.

That said, we’ve decided to highlight a list of notable figures who have effortlessly rocked the popular hair style proving that the beauty of natural hair has no limits.

Check out our list below.

Stars With Dreadlocks

Stars With Dreadlocks

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