Charting Celebrity Popularity: Our Analysis Of How Ten Celebrities Measure Up On Google

You may think of Justin Bieber as the ultimate Internet sensation, but in reality his search stats are merely middling compared with celebrity stalwarts Michael Jackson and Barack Obama. Jackson's untimely death and Obama's historic election inspired record numbers of Internet searches.

HuffPost Celebrity's not-so-scientific comparative analysis* of search results for 10 celebrities over the past five years, using Google Insights, yielded several additional discoveries: people aren't nearly as inquisitive about Tom Cruise as we'd thought, search numbers as a whole appear to grow higher each year due to Twitter and other social-media tools, and Internet users really, really can't spell ("Barak Obama." Really?).

Behold, our Celebrity Fame Chart.

*Note: These figures represent the subjects' popularity in relation to one another; they do not indicate actual search volume.