Steve Harvey Shocked By Cruel Reality Too Many Queer Kids Face

And, of course, he had the best response.

“The Family Feud” is known for celebrating the ridiculous, reveling in the awkward and, once in a while, educating America about issues and problems they may not understand or even realize exist.

On a recent episode of the celebrity version of the beloved game show, Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy appeared with his family and was given the opportunity to educate host Steve Harvey ― and the rest of the country ― about a sad truth facing too many queer youth.

“When I came out as gay to my family, they were completely loving and supportive, but unfortunately, that’s not a reality for a lot of LGBT youth, and so when they tell their parents a lot of kids end up on the streets and so the Happy Hippie Foundation is for LGBT at-risk youth,” Kenworthy said.

“I guess I don’t get that part,” responded Harvey, who was shocked to hear that kids lose their homes because of their sexuality or gender identity. “If it’s my kid, it’s my kid. I don’t know how I would stop loving my kid... that ain’t getting ready to happen.”

The one thing that might cause Harvey to give his kids the boot?

“If your ass ain’t working, you’ve got to get out.”

Sing it, Steve. Sing it.

To learn more about The Happy Hippie Foundation, which was founded by Kenworthy’s friend, Miley Cyrus, head here.

(h/t Towleroad)