Forgotten Celebrity Friendships Of The '80s

Forgotten Celebrity Friendships Of The '80s

Many young starlets of the '80s have gone on to become bigger stars in the following decades. Back when teased hair and shoulder pads ruled the tabloids, these budding celebrity friendships were just forming. Some would last entire careers. Others would be as brief as a shared table at an awards ceremony. But chances are it'd be hard to get some of these friendships back together, so let's enjoy the memories of these forgotten '80s friendships.

Charlie Sheen and Betty White in 1987.
charlie sheen

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Leif Garrett in 1983.
arnold schwarzenegger and leif garret

Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon in 1988.
susan sarandon

Drew Barrymore and Mr. T in March 1984.
drew barrymore

Tom Hanks and Shelley Long at the 1988 Golden Globes.
tom hanks

Alyssa Milano with a retainer and Corey Haim in 1987.
alyssa milano

Goldie Hawn and Steven Spielberg roller skating in 1980.
goldie hawn

Steve Guttenberg and Bruce Jenner at the 1987 U.S. Open.
steve guttenberg

Cyndi Lauper and Rodney Dangerfield at the 1984 Grammy Awards.
cyndi lauper

Robert Downey Jr., Anthony Michael Hall, David Lee Roth and Sonia Braga at the 1984 MTV VMA after-party.
david lee roth

Sean Penn and Nicolas Cage in 1984.
sean penn

Corey Feldman and Heather Graham in 1988.
corey feldman heather graham

Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan in 1989.meg ryan dennis quaid

Jamie Lee Curtis and Eddie Murphy in 1983.
eddie murphy

Brooke Shields and Matt Dillon in 1980.
brooke shields

Andrew McCarthy, Mary Stuart Masterson and Patrick Dempsey in 1984.
mary stuart masterson

David Lee Roth and Madonna in 1985.
david lee roth

Christina Applegate and Brad Pitt in 1988.
christina applegate brad pitt

Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver in 1983.
mel gibson

Scott Baio and Heather Locklear on ABC's "Battle of the Network Stars" in 1983.
scott baio

Teri Copley and Tony Danza in 1986.
tony danza

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