Famous Fraternity Brothers And Sorority Sisters That Will Make Your Affiliation Seem Much More Relevant

Beer, heels and a ton of 20–somethings living under one (likely unsteady) roof? Yup, we're going back to college.

It's hard to imagine most celebrities as rowdy frat brothers or bubbly sorority sisters, but many had normal, shockingly relatable college lives before they were famous. All of a sudden, you feel a lot closer to Brad Pitt, who is totally your frat bro. You're basically related.

Check out these celebrities' greek life affiliations:

Nick Lachey, David Spade, Beau Bridges and Fred Savage were all members of SAE.

chi o
Angela Kinsey, Lucy Liu and Catt Sadler were all ChiO sisters.

sigma nu
Harrison Ford, Paul Rudd, Bob Barker, Jon Hamm and Mike Posner were all part of Sigma Nu.

Molly Sims, Elizabeth Banks, Katie Couric and the late Farrah Fawcett all called themselves Tri Delts.

pi kappa alpha
Eric Stonestreet, Jim Parsons, Jeremy Piven and Tim McGraw are all Pike brothers.

Ashley Judd, Mariska Hargitay and Sophia Bush all joined KKG.

delta chi
Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner are brothers of Delta Chi.

Whitney Port and Sheryl Crow were both in Theta.

sigma chi
Ty Burrell, Brad Pitt, Tony Hale, Woody Harrelson and Ben Savage are all members of Sigma Chi.



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