Celebrities Who Used To Be Hooters Girls

WHO Worked Here?!

Time for a little nip and tuck.

Beloved restaurant chain and pop culture fixture Hooters recently underwent a full makeover. The eateries are rolling out new uniforms, interiors and an elevated menu nationwide.

Hootie, the restaurant's not-so-innocent owl logo, got some work done too. Sky Design modernized the logo (its first change in 30 years) to fit the chain's image overhaul.

Hooters updates aside, the "breastaurant" is still known for its three B's: beer, bar food and buxom waitresses. Surprisingly, several celebrities admittedly donned the orange short-shorts before hitting it big.

Check out which stars got their start serving up spicy wings as Hooters girls.

Amy Adams

Celebrities Who Worked At Hooters

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