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'Celebrity House Hunting': Verne Troyer Uses His Space Creatively (VIDEO)

Verne Troyer was made famous for his diminutive size as Mini-Me in the "Austin Powers" series of films. Troyer stands at 2'8" tall. And once again, he kept going to his size for humor while shopping for a new home in Michigan on the latest episode of "Celebrity House Hunting" (Thu., 10 p.m. ET on Biography).

One of the unspoken pleasures of buying a new home is getting to tour a wide variety of potential homes and imagine creating a life there. For Verne Troyer, and little people like him, it's a very different kind of imagining. They have to picture how average-sized facilities and structures can either be adapted to suit them, or how they can otherwise use them creatively.

When faced with a wall of drawers in one of the homes, Troyer joked that he could steal away for a quick nap in those drawers. He pulled out one of the bottom ones and said, "I could just put a blanket in here and a pillow, and just shut it."

One of his friends quipped, "You could hide in that drawer if somebody breaks in. It's your panic room!"

When they shifted over to a massive jacuzzi tub, Troyer peeked inside and said he could not only bathe in it, but could also swim and relax. But no diving. "It's kind of shallow for that."

Catch new episodes of "Celebrity House Hunting" every Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on Biography.

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