Put Harry Styles Down, You'll Break Him!

We tend to put celebrities on pedestals. We fantasize about how much better our lives would be if certain celebrities were in them. And all this hype builds up and up... until we bring them down.

This is not just an article on my opinion, but a public service announcement on how we should treat celebrities. Because here is the deal: They are normal people... just with a lot more Twitter followers. They have feelings, go to the bathroom, fall in love, have bad hair days, expel gas, etc. But since they have internationally-acclaimed talent we don't respect that.

Zayn Malik of One Direction and Perrie Edwards of Little Mix became engaged to be married last weekend. Many articles and Tumblr posts and tweets reflected the reaction of many teenage girls: utter despair that he was off the market. They were near tears in the fact that their favorite daydream no longer was up for grabs. My reaction: Good for them! I hope they will be really happy and have adorable children. But my reaction does not matter. The only opinions that do are those of Malik and Edwards and their loved ones.

By putting celebrities on these pedestals that they, mere humans, cannot live up to, we end up knocking them down. Can you imagine receiving thousands of Twitter notifications daily pointing out your every flaw? That'd be enough to set you off people for the rest of your life.

You are probably wondering why I chose the title to this article that I did. It's an analogy to a China doll. If you list the doll too high, chances are that you'll end up dropping the fragile china when your arms become tired. If you expect impossibly high standards of Harry Styles, he might possibly break when you start criticizing him for not being perfect. We put too many expectations on the famous, which is a serious problem.

The reason we consider these people famous is that we respect their talent. That's why we buy their movies and listen to their music and read their books. Why do we feel the need to put them or their loved ones down? Even though we call ourselves fans, do these actions make us fans? True fans appreciate the person, so let us appreciate what these people produce and not criticize what is not in our fantasies. Can't we just leave them alone and let them make fashion faux pas and date whomever they like without our two cents?

I love talking about celebrities, but I would hate to be the reason they shatter into a million pieces. So put Harry Styles down before you break him.