Celebrity Photos That Prove Stars Are Just Like Us

Photos That Prove Celebrities Are Just Like Us

They may be walking the red carpets, promoting films across the globe and donning designer duds, but (believe it or not) celebrities are just like us. And these photos prove it.

From Natalie Portman losing control of her grocery cart to Britney Spears shopping at Target, here are some snaps that perfectly demonstrate why stars are normal people. Well, normal-ish.

They drive themselves places.

robert pattinson

They go to a crowded nail salon to get a mani/pedi.


They pump their own gas.

liam hemsworth

They enjoy an ice cold beer.

brad pitt

They take their kids to the park.

ali larter

They eat pizza and drink Coca-Cola.

dakota fanning

They shop at Target.


They don't mind sharing some PDA.

olivia jason

They eat ice cream.

kim kanye

They LOVE Starbucks.

jennifer garner

They hail their own cabs.

olivia munn

They enjoy fast food sometimes.

nick jonas

They ride bikes.

goldie hawn

They wear flip-flops.

eva longoria

They go for runs ... in public.

julianne hough

They use the drive-thru.

miley cyrus

They wear Converse sneakers.

kristen stewart

They do their own grocery shopping.

heidi klum

And lose control of their shopping carts every now and then.

natalie portman

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