Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Taylor Swift Is Not The First Star To Keep Us Guessing (PHOTOS)

Some celebrities (like Heidi Montag) are totally open and up-front about the work that goes into making them Hollywood royalty. Others are not.

Whether they give evasive answers, shut down any plastic surgery rumors altogether or vehemently deny going under the knife, some stars just like to keep us guessing.

The most recent such star is Taylor Swift.

We're used to seeing the 23-year-old in sweet, conservative, girly clothes. Then this month, in a matter of days, the country singer stunned us all with a series of deep plunging dresses. The photos fueled rumors that Tay went under the knife for a little boob job. Nothing major, just from an A cup to B, according to a plastic surgeon who spoke to InTouch magazine (but did not operate on the young star).

Here, you be the judge:

celebrity plastic surgery

But in Hollywood as per usual, these types of rumors make the rounds every so often. These A-list ladies -- Angie, Nicole, Fergie, to name a few -- look like they've had work done, but have never confirmed it. Take a look, your guess is as good as ours:

Stars Who May Have Had Work Done...