Celebrity Pregnancy Cravings: They Want It, We've Got It

If someone asks for pickles and ice cream -- at the same time -- they'll often get a raised eyebrow and a whole lot of judgement. But when the person who asks also happens to be with child, we'll happily serve up whatever they're craving and not think twice about it.

Believe it or not, pickles and ice cream aren't the strangest things pregnant woman have desired. Some have reported enjoying rice with brown sugar, barbecue sauce and butter, others have felt the need to indulge in pickles on Oreo cookies, and then there are those who wanted to eat a pie of powdered Tide (turns out this is an indication of iron deficiency, so if this is you, talk to your doctor).

But, just like us (as the popular weekly pop culture magazine puts it), celebrities get the cravings too. And some of them are pretty outrageous. Snooki -- who as we know is a huge fan of pickles -- is fed pickle pancakes by her fiance. A very pregnant Jessica Simpson, who has been asked how many babies she's carrying, has been craving all the classic processed treats: Kraft Mac n' Cheese, Cap N' Crunch and Pop Tarts ... with butter on them. Click through the slideshow below to see what other strange things celebrities have been craving.

What is the strangest craving you've heard of? Leave a comment.

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