Celebrity President: Which Star Would You Most Like To See In The White House?


Oprah Winfrey campaigns with them, Stephen Colbert satirizes them and Clint Eastwood talks to them while they're invisible. Celebrities' presidential endorsements and friendships are nothing new, but what about a star actually entering the Oval Office? We all dream, to some degree, of seeing our favorite political-minded celebrity deliver the latest State of the Union address or thrust a contentious bill into law. Names like Madonna, Alec Baldwin and George Clooney -- famous faces who've toyed with various aspects of politics and activism by capitalizing on their large-scale public platforms -- have all been jovially tossed around as contenders for our ideal celebrity president.

HuffPost Celebrity is helping you to envision those wildest fantasies. In conjunction with President's Day, let's elect a celebrity leader of the free world. Vote for the stars you think would deliver the best speeches, kiss the cutest babies and espouse the soundest political viewpoints.

Voting will take place in three rounds, so be sure to keep coming back.

Round 1 ends Friday at midnight.
Round 2 ends Saturday at midnight.
Round 3 ends Sunday at midnight, and the winner will be revealed Monday.

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