How To Be Naked While Wearing Clothes: A Guide To Clever Celebrity Skin

Sometimes it can be really fun to be naked. Maybe you're a nudist. Maybe you just have a really hot body and it's annoying not to be able to show it off outside of Snap Chat. But there's good news! It is becoming ever possible to expose yourself, without defying norms and values (or inciting local law enforcement). Now, with the help of some friendly celebrities, we bring you a guide to being naked while wearing clothes.

Also known as "leotards," the onesie is an apparent phenomenon in which a tight fitting bit of clothing that mostly resembles a bathing suit is worn as regular clothing. Thus sometimes occurs during pop music performances, but also occasionally at award shows, as seen in the below example of Eva Longoria at the 2010 music awards.

celebrity leotards

The prevalence of Danskin seemed to predicate the acceptability of just not wearing pants. Of course, the history of the thong long predates the leotard, but its prevalence has increased exponentially over the course of 2013, as we saw with Rihanna's denim thong, Ke$ha's lingerie thong and Lady Gaga's shell bikini thong.

Thong Onesies
See Onesies and Thongs above. See Miley Cyrus's bare bottom below.


Plunging Necklines
The easiest way to reveal one's breasts is the plunging neckline, as seen below on Heidi Klum. Such low-cut dresses have since lead to far more innovative means of showcasing cleavage, such as the incorporation of sideboob and underboob.

heidi klum oscar cleavage

Sideboob usually incorporates very loosely fitting clothing, which hangs in a manner that reveals basically everything but the nipple. It is often incorporated as a means of showing skin at more elegant events, as it is a decidedly more tasteful choice than its cousin: underboob.


Underboob is pretty much impossible to pull off on the red carpet, with the preference being sideboob as well as plunging necklines (and occasionally both). It is, however, possible to pull off at fancier events through the incorporation of "cut outs." More frequently, it is seen at concerts and in music videos, as demonstrated here by Rihanna.


Cut Outs
"Cut outs" is probably a misnomer, since no one cut those pieces out. They are, however, missing -- in a sense that they reveal skin that would otherwise be covered and can reveal any of the aforementioned body parts. Cut outs are not to be confused with side mesh.

kelly rowland grammys

Sheer Sides And Front Mesh
Sheerness usually happens on the side of the dress, often revealing side boob (see above) and/or sidebutt. Notably, Jaimie Alexander shifted front mesh to the front of her dress at the "Thor: The Dark World" premiere, revealing basically everything there is to reveal.

jaimie alexander thor

Often enabled by mesh and other sheer materials, sidebutt exposes a portion of the skin so high up the leg that it is, in fact, one's butt. Sidebutt is especially scandalous, once you realize it requires a lack of under garments and also probably a lot of waxing, which Gwyneth Paltrow really loves talking about. Here she is at the premiere of "Iron Man 3."

gwyneth paltrow

All Of The Above
We do not have scientific evidence of anyone combing all of the above nakedness techniques, but our celebrity skin technology tells us it would resemble something like Rose McGowan at the 1998 VMAs.

rose mcgowan 1998

rose mcgowan 1998

Well, Thats One Way to Show Skin...