Celebrity Sleep: Famous Couples Who Sleep In Separate Beds

Celebrity Couples Who Sleep In Separate Beds

Emails, loud neighbors, stress -- there's enough to wrestle with as it is when it comes to getting enough good-quality shuteye. But add in a sleep partner who snores or hogs the covers or loves to snooze with the TV on, and a little tossing and turning can become full-on sleep deprivation.

That's at least part of the reason why a number of couples have opted for a solution that might sound old-fashioned or threatening to a happy relationship: sleeping separately. Whether it's in different bedrooms entirely, or just a separate bed nearby, nearly one in four American couples sleep apart, The New York Times reported.

Sure, it's not for everyone. But the couples that love it, really love it, claiming improvements in not only their sleep but their sex lives, too.

Now that a number of happily-coupled celebrity duos have spoken about their separate sleep habits, maybe the practice will pick up a little steam. Here's a look at some of the stars who swear by separate beds and bedrooms.

Tim Burton And Helena Bonham Carter

Celebrity Couples That Sleep Separately

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