Former 'Swan' Contestant Says Erin Moran Will Need Major Therapy Before Appearing On 'Celebrity Swan'

Happy Days Star Will 'Need Therapy' To Appear On Controversial Reality Show

A former contestant from Season 2 of the extreme makeover/beauty pageant hybrid "The Swan" says the reality show ruined her life, and is speaking out about the celebrities who are slated to appear on Fox's two-hour special "Celebrity Swan."

At 34 years old, Lorrie Arias appeared on "The Swan" in 2004, and underwent more plastic surgery procedures than any other contestant -- going on to get a face lift, nose job, brow lift, upper lip lift with fat transfer, upper/lower eye lift, full body lift, breast implants, tummy tuck and liposuction on her knees -- but did not go on to compete in the beauty pageant component of the show.

Today, Arias told the New York Post that her surgeries were for nothing, since she's "a 300-pound mess of a person who is afraid to go outside.”

The former reality show contestant is speaking out about Fox's decision to revive the show, which was once called "the most sadistic reality series of the decade," with a two-hour special that will feature celebrities. The show is currently still casting, but producers allegedly have their sights set on stars like former White House intern Monica Lewinsky and "Happy Days" alumna Erin Moran.

Arias told RadarOnline, it's not the plastic surgery that's the problem, but the lack of psychological support during and after the series that left her spiraling downward. The former reality show cast member claims producers offered only four 15-minute therapy sessions during the two-and-a-half months of filming, and she couldn't afford therapy when she returned home.

Arias told the website, she believes Moran -- who is currently broke, homeless and living like a recluse -- will need major therapy before and after the show, calling the former actress "unstable," but thinks former White House intern Monica Lewinksy will be "fine."

“She has self-esteem. She worked at the White House. You have to have some kind of self-esteem for that. Before the show she’s fine ... and afterwards she’ll be even better," she explained.

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