Celebrity Tipping (and Stiffing) in the City

Since celebrity sightings are a dime a dozen in Tinsel Town, those working at the hippest and most exclusive spots were full of stories about their best and worst tipping encounters.
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Los Angeles' Best and Worst Celebrity Tippers - We were curious if these famous folks were generous to those men and women serving their food, carrying their bags, and parking their cars. We decided it was best to go to the source to get the real scoop on this affluent clientele. Having financed and marketed some of the hottest Los Angeles restaurants and bars, I made some phone calls to my network in the business. I quickly connected with the waiters, bellmen, and valets who have the pulse on the street. Since celebrity sightings are a dime a dozen in Tinsel Town, those working at the hippest and most exclusive spots were full of stories about their best and worst encounters. Here's what they had to say:

Some of the Best:

Floyd Mayweather just doesn't knock them out in the ring. Those who wait on him are knocked out by his generosity. Mayweather gave $100 to a bellman simply for bringing something up to his room.

It is customary to tip the valet a little more for keeping your car up front. Jamie Foxx, however, tipped the valet manager $100 to keep his car in his view. This definitely goes way above the norm.

Poppy Montgomery plays a hard-nosed investigator on Without A Trace. In real life she seems like a softie, tipping $100 on a $30 bar bill at a hot Westside restaurant.

Keenan Thompson, a long time Saturday Night Live player, tipped a bellman $160 at a posh West Hollywood hotel for bringing his bags down.

Bill Murray, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, and Dan Aykyrod often tip 100% of their bill and are widely regarded as a pleasure to have as guests.

Scott Storch was once referred to by Forbes magazine as one of the "Hip Hop Cash Kings." Not only is he a favorite of such heavy weights as Beyonce, Fifty Cent, and Chris Brown, service people will drop whatever they are doing once he falls upon the scene. He rewarded a bellman at a trendy Hollywood hotel $100 to get him a pack of cigarettes.

Worst Tippers: Can you guess who these celebs are?

At one of the trendiest Hollywood bars, this year's hottest free agent tipped a mere $6 on a $300 bill. Despite his tens of millions in athletic endorsements, this poor tipper doesn't believe in sharing the wealth.

Forbes magazine deemed this entrepreneur's net worth to be over $4 billion. When he ate at a popular Hollywood eatery he loved every minute of the experience and had servers surrounding his party to make sure he was taken care of like a king. Even with all this attention, this eccentric billionaire only laid down a 10% tip.

Following close behind this billion-dollar man are two close friends. This two time Academy Award Winning Actor and two time Academy Award Winning Director tip 15% on the nose according to various Westside eateries they frequent.

Apparently this teenybopper boy band didn't quite finish math in high school as evidenced from their very miscalculated tip. They may be the heartthrobs of every teenage girl in America, but there is no love lost between them and their servers as they are known to tip less than 10%.

One of the most notorious non-tippers is this former Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer turned pop star. On several occasions, this singing sensation stiffed the bellmen at a stylish West Hollywood Hotel.

From pop queen to tennis queen, this champion apparently agrees with the no tip rule. Even with winning a dozen Grand Slams, she gave the bellman the ole stiffaroo after he nearly threw out his back hauling down three monstrous suitcases.

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