Tumblr's 10 Best Celebrity Blogs: Joe Jonas, Lady Gaga And More

Celebrities On Tumblr: 10 Famous Blogs You'll Go 'Gaga' Over

The middle Jonas Brother, Joe, is new to the world of Tumblr. Unfortunately he's so new that he hasn't learned how to spell the blogging platform's name yet.

Jonas posted a tweet directing his more then 2 million fans to his new "tumbler," and the misspelling set off a worldwide Twitter trend.

Jonas isn't the only celebrity taking to the blogging platform. Major music stars like Lady Gaga have joined the site recently as another way to connect with fans, while Internet over-sharer Pete Wentz has been using Tumblr for over a year to power his personal web site.

We've collected the 10 best celebrity Tumblrs to follow. Check them out (below), and vote for your favorites. Then, take a look at the 33 best blogs on Tumblr.

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10 Celebrity Tumblrs To Follow

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