These Celebrities Really Need To Think Before They Tweet

Celebrities have never been as accessible as they are now, and often they are a little too accessible.

Like many of us, there are plenty of stars who have come to use their social media accounts to fire off on just about anything and everything. And sometimes it's better not to share.

Just last week, teenage reality star Kylie Jenner came under fire after tweeting that she was "bipolar" because she had dyed her hair black again after recently going lighter. As the 16-year-old soon discovered, many in the Twitterverse were offended by her cavalier use of language about the mental illness.

Of course, Jenner is far from the only celebrity to land in such hot waters. Imagine, all the stars who could have been spared embarrassment or criticism if they only took a moment to think before they tweet.

Take a look at other ridiculous or TMI tweets and photos that could have used a bit of forethought:

Think Before You Tweet