When Celebrities Do The Weather, It's Breezy With A Chance Of Hilarity

Looks like Tom Hanks would rather dance than discuss storm fronts.

Going on a news show to promote a new project is a normal part of a celebrity’s life.

Usually, these appearances just involve the anchors asking the standard questions about the famous person’s latest project.

Sometimes, though, the famous folk get asked to do the weather — and that’s when the craziness really begins.

The video above shows what happens when people like Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Carell step out of their comfort zone and do the weather. 

Kevin Hart shows one weather woman the importance of doing squats.

Tom Hanks seems more interested in dancing with the weather woman than talking about storm fronts.

Katy Perry isn’t quite able to master looking at the weather map and the camera at the same time.

Ellen DeGeneres just turns the thing into a bizarre interpretive dance.

Let the laughter rain down.



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