Celebrity Weight Loss: Do Stars Look Better After Gaining Weight? (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Do Stars Look Better After Gaining Weight?

Celebrity weight fluctuations are always a highly discussed topic. Does the star in question look worse before or after weight loss? And how quickly (and healthfully) did the star lose all of that weight?

While there's a lot of pressure in Hollywood to maintain a svelte figure, we couldn't help but notice a few celebrities who actually looked significantly better after gaining a few pounds. Nicole Richie made headlines for her "scary skinny" beach body in 2006, while both Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis garnered attention for their slimmed-down bodies in 2010's "Black Swan."

Some of these stars opted to gain back a little weight for a healthier, more full-figured look, but others reverted back to a more waif-like physique. Which look do you prefer?

Nicole Richie: June 2006

Stars Who Look Better Heavier

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