'Celebrity Wife Swap' Premiere: Carnie Wilson Switches Places With Tracey Gold (VIDEO)

The first installment of ABC's newly revamped "Celebrity Wife Swap" (Mon., 10 p.m. EST on ABC) was certainly an eye-opening and interesting experience. Self-proclaimed control freak Tracey Gold swapped places with the more free-spirited Carnie Wilson, leaving both women shocked by their new experiences.

Carnie struggled to keep up with Tracey's strictly regimented and controlled household. At the couples' meeting at the end, she described the experience by saying, "I felt like I was put to work. I felt like that the whip was slapped across my a**."

For Tracey, it was coming into a household with two housekeepers and an aunt who help with the child-rearing. She discovers that Carnie's husband Rob spends more time working on his career as a record producer than he does at home. But while Tracey's controlled house seemed way too much for Carnie, it was the clear love between Tracey and her husband that Carnie noted the most.

"You guys make it seem so easy," she said. Clearly, all the time she and her husband spend apart due to their respective careers weighs on her. She described their relationship at one point as "two ships passing in the night," but any expert would say that's no way to run a marriage. Most non-experts would agree.

Viewers can look forward to Gary Busey, Flavor Flav, Dee Snider and more in future installments of "Celebrity Wife Swap," every Monday at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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