'Celebrity Wife Swap': Coolio And Mark McGrath Switch Significant Others (VIDEO)

Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath swapped significant others with rapper Coolio on the latest "Celebrity Wife Swap." Coolio's girlfriend Mimi couldn't believe the difference when she spent a week with McGrath. She discovered that Coolio isn't treating her the way he should.

"I just hope Coolio realizes that if he doesn’t start paying me more attention, then I don’t think he’ll be in my life very much longer," she said.

During the reunion at the end of the week, Mimi didn't hold back. "Our relationship really sucks. It really does," she told Coolio.

Carin seemed to echo the sentiment, based on her experience with Coolio, though she was very diplomatic about it. She said Coolio was hard to get to know. Reality TV Magazine translated what she could have meant, writing, "If that is code word for not doing any work and sleeping all day, then yes he is hard to get to know."

The epilogue of the episode was almost a foregone conclusion as it revealed that Mimi and Coolio are no longer together. So while it would appear Mimi learned something valuable from the episode about her worth, that lesson may have been lost on Coolio.

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