Celebs Are Appalled After Passenger Was Dragged From United Airlines Flight

"I feel like Pepsi and United are pulling from the same employment agencies."

Celebrities are reacting with outrage and disbelief after a male passenger on a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky, was violently dragged from an airplane by security after the airline overbooked the flight on Sunday.

Video of the horrifying incident was posted to social media on Monday. As a result, United has received intense backlash not just over the violent episode that left the passenger with a bloody face, but also their response to the fallout. The airline’s CEO, Oscar Munoz, offered an apology for “having to re-accomodate these customers” but offered no apologies regarding the passenger who was dragged off the plane.

As the backlash against the airline grows, many celebrities joined in expressing their horror and disgust via social media.

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