Celebs Are Posting Videos Of Themselves Singing 'Hamilton' Songs For A Great Cause

This new challenge brought together the likes of Shonda Rhimes and Weird Al.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is giving the internet a new reason to sing along with “Hamilton.” 

The playwright and actor behind the musical announced his latest Prizeo contest on Monday. This time, Miranda is giving fans a chance to win two tickets, hotel and airfare to opening night of “Hamilton” in Los Angeles.

In a video, the star explains that anyone can enter the contest by donating at least $10 toward the “Immigrants, We Get The Job Done” coalition, which is made up of 12 organizations that seek to help immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Participants must also post a video of themselves singing a “Hamilton” song and then challenge others to make a donation and post their own song. 

Celebrities came through in a big way, challenging their peers and showing off their vocal range and rapping skills. Gina Rodriguez sang a snippet from “Dear Theodosia,” Shonda Rhimes dropped the mic and some verses to “Washington On Your Side,” and Sara Ramirez gave us chills with her angelic rendition of “Wait For It.” 

Check out those and more celebs singing “Hamilton” songs for a great cause below: 

We’re definitely here to hear more “Hamilton” from our favorite stars.