27 Asian Celebs Who Prove That Asian Don't Raisin

Of course, "Crazy Rich Asians" stars Constance Wu and Michelle Yeoh made the list.

Know what鈥檚 more effective than indulgent moisturizers and expensive serums? Being Asian.

We鈥檙e kidding, kind of. You might not be familiar with the phrase 鈥淎sian don鈥檛 raisin,鈥 but it鈥檚 definitely a thing. We鈥檙e here to educate. Below, 27 Asian celebrities who must have signed a pact with the god of time because somehow, they just don鈥檛 seem to age. 馃

Lucy Liu, 53
Taylor Hill / Getty Images
Let鈥檚 start strong here: Lucy Liu is obviously an ageless wonder.
B.D. Wong, 61
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
鈥淟aw & Order鈥 fans know the biggest unsolved mystery on the show is how B.D. Wong manages to never age.
Michelle Yeoh, 59
Mike Marsland / Getty Images
"Everything Everywhere All at Once" actress Michelle Yeoh has been kicking ass on-screen for more than three decades, and she has looked flawless the entire time.
Aishwarya Rai, 48
Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images
How is it that Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai looks exactly the same as she did when she won the Miss World title in 1994?
Harry Shum Jr., 40
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images
Harry Shum Jr. is 40? If you say so, IMDB.
John Cho, 49
Lisa O'Connor / Getty Images
Has John Cho aged since he went to White Castle with Kumar? NOPE.
Wang Leehom, 45
VCG / Getty Images
Wang Leehom, the 鈥淜ing of Chinese Pop,鈥 is an age-defying freak of nature, and we say that lovingly.
Constance Wu, 40
Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images
Sometimes you have to suspend your disbelief watching 鈥淔resh Off the Boat鈥 because, really, how could a woman who looks like a teenager be the mom of preteens?
Daniel Dae Kim, 53
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
Daniel Dae Kim must have dipped into some secret elixir, because this dude doesn鈥檛 age.
Kelly Hu, 54
Rachel Luna / Getty Images
Wine only gets better with age. Apparently the same holds true for 鈥淭he Scorpion King鈥 star Kelly Hu.
Chow Yun-Fat, 66
Visual China Group / Getty Images
We get it, Chow Yun-Fat: You don鈥檛 age.
Milind Soman, 56
Indian model Milind Soman is out here like, 鈥淎ging? Never heard of it.鈥
Nancy Kwan, 82
Michael Tullberg via Getty Images
Hollywood legend Nancy Kwan shows you don鈥檛 get dry on your own Pearl Cream supply.
Sandra Oh, 50
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images
Sandra Oh is just as dewy-faced now as she was when she started 鈥淕rey鈥檚 Anatomy鈥 in 2005.
Kumail Nanjiani, 44
Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images
Kumail Nanjiani: funnyman and 44-year-old. (Really?!)
Gong Li, 56
Juanito Aguil / Getty Images
Bet you鈥檇 never guess 鈥淢emoirs of a Geisha鈥 star Gong Li is in her 50s. (Fun fact: She was just cast in the new live-action version of 鈥淢ulan.鈥)
Hrithik Roshan, 48
Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan, ladies and gentlemen.
Lea Salonga, 51
Bruce Glikas /Getty Images
Insanely hard to believe, but Lea Salonga, the theater actress who voiced Princess Jasmine in 鈥淎laddin鈥 back in the day, is in her 50s.
Lee Min-Woo, 42
First rule of Korean boy band life: Never age. Here鈥檚 Lee Min-Woo from the hit group Shinhwa demonstrating.
Maggie Q, 42
David Livingston / Getty Images
Raise your hand if you hope you look as good as Maggie Q when 40 rolls around.
Ki Hong Lee, 35
Debra L Rothenberg / Getty Images
鈥淭he Maze Runner鈥 and 鈥淯nbreakable Kimmy Schmidt鈥 star Ki Hong Lee doesn鈥檛 look a day over 19.
Manny Jacinto, 34
Robyn Beck / Getty Images
鈥淭he Good Place鈥 star Manny Jacinto is another member of the How Is He 31? club.
Grace Park, 48
David Livingston / Getty Images
Yup, Grace Park looks almost exactly the same as she did on 鈥淏attlestar Galactica鈥 in the early 2000s.
Sandara Park, 37
South Korean singer and actress Sandara Park basically looks like a teenager.
Tia Carrere, 55
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images
No list on this subject would be complete without Tia Carrere, aka Wayne鈥檚 (and your) crush from 鈥淲ayne鈥檚 World.鈥
Vincent Rodriguez III, 39
Paul Archuleta / Getty Images
You know Vincent Rodriguez III from 鈥淐razy Ex-Girlfriend鈥 still gets carded when he buys alcohol at 7-Eleven.
George Takei, 85
Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images
Lastly, iconic 鈥淪tar Trek鈥 zaddy George Takei. Has 85 ever looked more fun?

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