Celebs Love Ice Cream Too

You would think that svelte celebs would keep their distance from temptations like ice cream. After all, an ice cream habit can quickly turn a willowy figure into pure porkiness.

But celebs love ice cream, just like the rest of us.

Ever wonder about stars' favorite ice creams? Here's a sampling.

Rihanna. The singer apparently enjoys chocolate ice cream so much that her personal trainer Ary Nunez works it into her eating plans and exercise regime. Ary said: "Chocolate ice cream is her comfort food. She says to me, 'I need my quota..." (ContactMusic)

Justin Bieber. The 17-year old pop star just invented a new sundae for Harrods, the London department store. (Justinbieberstreet)

Pincess Kate.The very fit Kate reportedly enjoyed pistachio soufflé with ice cream at a pre-wedding lunch with future stepmother-in-law Camilla. (People.com)

Kim Kardashian. The celeb was photographed eating gelato in Milan, Paris and Milan.(Huffington Post)

Blake Lively. The star told Women's Wear Daily, "[When] I have bad days, I just eat lots of chocolate ice cream and dance to the Lion King soundtrack. It's really odd, but it's true." (Women's Wear Daily)

Ashton Kutcher. He hankers for homemade strawberry milkshakes with extra ice cream. (People.com)

Lana Turner. The star was discovered, according to popular legend, sitting at the soda fountain at Schwab's Drugstore in LA. (Ice Cream: A Global History)

Ingrid Bergman. Movie moguls worried about her devotion to ice cream sundaes. Would too many of the gooey treats render unfit for movie stardom? (Ice Cream: A Global History)

Laura Weiss is the author of the recently released Ice Cream: A Global History, Reaktion Books.