Why You May Want To Try Gluten-Free Makeup

While those with celiac disease know to avoid all gluten-harboring goods, like bread, pastries and pasta, there’s another product of which they should be wary.

As lifestyle writer Celia Kaye explained in a HuffPost Live conversation, makeup can also be a source of gluten -- a fact she learned the hard way.

“I have been wearing gluten free eyeshadow because when I don’t I get scaly patches on my skin, on my eyelids,” she said. “I didn’t realize what it was from. I had gone to a bunch of dermatologists. They said maybe it was from stress.”

After being tested for celiac disease and researching her symptoms, she found the real culprit.

“I found out that gluten really is in a lot of beauty products and even in toothpastes and things,” she said. “So I went with a gluten free makeup and I have not gotten the scaly patches or had any of those skin patches since.”

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation about gluten allergies here.

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