Iconic '90s Trends are 'Coming Back' To Celine Dion In Instagram Video

Dion has teamed up with Instagram on a deliciously nostalgic, shoppable gift guide video.

Celine Dion’s 1996 smash hit “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” spent 30 weeks on the Billboard charts and longer than that in the hearts of ’90s kids who, at the time, could definitely understand the tragedy of being haunted by the ghost of an ex-lover who tragically died in a motorcycle accident, leaving you alone in your scary candlelit megamansion to mourn him.

On Wednesday, Dion re-released her iconic power ballad. This time, though, it’s less about belting and more about actual belts. Dion teamed up with Instagram on a video gift guide promoting the social media site’s shopping feature.

The video opens on Dion back in that haunted mansion, this time scrolling through Instagram instead of clutching a photo of her lost love (natch). She spots a post from The Cut titled “’90s and ’00s Trends: This Season’s Hottest Gifts,” featuring items we know are “all coming back” to us now.

Watching her dance around in designers like Revolve, Good American, Michael Kors and others who have signed on to participate in the app’s shopping feature is equal parts deliciously nostalgic and over-the-top.

So basically, it’s perfectly Celine.

The video wraps with Dion purchasing a pair of sunglasses she also wears, which, conveniently, you can too. All the brands featured in the video are shoppable on Instagram.

Check out the entire video below.