Cell Phone Salesmen Allegedly Steal Nude Pics From Customer's Phone, Share Them With Others (VIDEO)

Two Florida cell phone salesmen were arrested last week after they allegedly stole nude pictures from a female customer's phone and then bragged about the images with at least one other customer.

Police said Joshua Stuart, 24, who works at the Verizon Wireless Store at 110 E. Van Fleet Drive in Bartow, Fla., illegally transferred personal photos from a customer's phone to his own phone, according to The Ledger. Stuart then allegedly showed the pictures to fellow employee Gregory Lampert, 26.

The employees were caught after officers say the men showed the pictures to a customer who recognized the woman and notified police. Lambert has since been arrested, and police were waiting for Stuart to return from vacation, according to ABC Action News.

"To show them to a complete stranger is obviously a sign of them bragging about it," Bartow Detective Sgt. David Wyant told ABC.

According to The Smoking Gun, the victim is a waitress who works at a restaurant near the Verizon Wireless outlet. She told police she had given the phone to Stuart so that "data would be transferred to the new telephone and erased from the old device.”

The victim reported that the photos were “very private in nature and several depict her nude breasts and vagina,” according to Bartow Police documents obtained by The Smoking Gun.

A search warrant executed on Lampert's phone and computer also turned up photos of another woman, The Ledger reports.

Both men are expected to "face felony charges of dealing in stolen property and offenses against computer users and misdemeanor charges of theft and prohibited acts regarding lewd materials," according to Bay News 9.

CORRECTION: An earlier draft of this story incorrectly identified the suspects as Verizon employees. In fact, while they work for an authorized Verizon seller, they are not directly employed by Verizon.