Cell Phones Better Than Sex, Most Americans Say

Would You Give Up Sex For Your Cell Phone? Most Americans Would!

What's more important than sex?

Turns out a whole bunch of things, according to an online poll conducted by Harris Interactive.

On a list of 10 things people can't live without, sex came in near the bottom - behind food, cars, Internet access, cell phones and computers and just ahead of navigation systems, social networks and tablets.

Check out the numbers in this infographic from Statista:

You'll find more statistics at Statista.

On the other hand, some people refuse to choose one or the other. Multitasking is taking off in the bedroom, with one recent survey showing that 20 percent of young adults check their smartphones during sex. And over in the U.K., 62 percent of women and 48 percent of men admit to checking their phones while doing the deed.

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