Cellular Blinds Save Energy From Seeping Out Of Your Windows And Wallet

Windows can be problematic. Their presence may account for 25% of your heating or cooling bill. We can't just do away with windows. Our houses would be like sepulchers, and nobody but a dracula would want that. So we must find ways to insulate our windows. One of the ways to insulate your windows is with cellular blinds.

How Cellular Blinds Work
Cellular blinds, also known as honeycomb blinds, work by trapping air within their cell/honeycomb-shaped pockets. These trapped-air pockets create a layer of insulation. The larger the cell the better it insulates. However, the more layers you have the better. Triple cell shades are considered to be as insulated as you can get it. Of course, you should choose shades based on your insulation needs and window depth.

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