Cemetery Wedding: Couple Gets Married At Parents' Gravestones

It's not uncommon for a groom or bride to honor a deceased parent on their wedding day, but one Minnesota couple took it a step further, exchanging vows in front of their parents' gravestones at their wedding on Saturday.

While it might seem like a strange venue to most guests, Diane Waller and Randy Kjarland told the Austin Daily Herald that they felt that it was the right way to include their parents in their Big Day, since their parents had always approved of their relationship.

“How cool is that?” Waller told the newspaper. “To honor our parents and family, to have them with us in a weird sort of way.”

As expected, not everyone approved of the couple's odd decision to wed at the Oakwood Cemetery in Austin, Minnesota. "Some people think it’s a joke, but it’s actually going to be very respectful of why we’re there,” Waller said before the wedding ceremony. “Other people, when they hear our story, have cried.” Approximately 50 to 60 guests attended the graveyard wedding.

But according to the couple, the cemetery seemed like the right place to wed since Kjarland originally proposed to Waller in front of her parents' gravestones -- after respectfully asking for permission to marry their daughter, of course.

Believe it or not, a cemetery is only one of the many weird places that couples have gotten hitched. Click through the slideshow below to see five other unexpected and unusual wedding locales.

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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the couple married in Austin, Texas. They married in Austin, Minnesota.