Census Worker Death: "Very Serious Concern" That Hanging Was Politically Motivated (VIDEO)

Associated Press reporter Devlin Barrett was on MSNBC's "Rachel Maddow" show Wednesday night to discuss the shocking death of a census worker in Kentucky.

"Obviously the details -- the few details we know at this point are very disturbing," said Barrett, "and could feed a larger political argument if this ends up being the result of anti-government sentiment. But they don't know that for absolute certain yet. And part of the investigators' job is to rule out any other explanation for what happened."

Maddow asked if Barrett had seen any evidence that the crime had political motivations.

"I don't think federal law enforcement would still be involved a week and a half after the body was found if there wasn't still that very serious concern," he responded. "And they don't have all the answers yet. And some of the things they know they're not going to tell us because they're concerned that there may be perpetrators out there that they would very much like to catch. But ... part of the process we're in now is proving all the other alternate explanations."

Barrett added that "in the county where this death occurred, they have instructed their workers not to go door to door while this investigation continues. Clearly there's a great deal of concern within this census worker community in that area."


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