Central Falls High School Student Protest: 'It's Not Teachers' Fault' School Is Failing

Students Protest: 'It's Not Teachers' Fault' School Is Failing

Fifty Rhode Island high school students walked out in protest earlier this week -- to demand the administration include their voices in the effort to reform the failing school.

This isn't the first sign of trouble at Central Falls High School, which has a troubled past.

The school struggles with poor student test scores. In February, the school board took a drastic action in an effort to help spur reform: they fired the principal and the entire teaching staff.

A few months later, teachers were rehired and a turnaround plan was put in place to help the school improve.

At Wednesday's organized protest, students voiced their hope for a better school and explained that teachers aren't to blame for low test scores.

ABC6 News interviewed students
at the protest.


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