How 100 Gargantuan Companies Stack Up On CEO-To-Worker Pay

Just how much more do the heads of major companies make than their workers?

A new interactive from PayScale, a business research group, illustrates just how much more some CEOs are being paid when compared to the median worker's salary in their company.

CVS/Caremark tops the list, with CEO Larry Merlo taking home more than $12 million while the median employee salary is $28,700 -- a ratio of 422 to 1. Goodyear comes in second, with a ratio of 323 to 1, and the Walt Disney Company stands at 283 to 1.

It's worth noting that PayScale only looked at the top 100 companies by revenue, so many companies notorious for CEO-to-worker pay disparities aren't included. For example, it's common for fast food companies to pay their CEO over 1000 times more than average employees, according to an analysis by public policy group Demos.