Cervical Cancer PSA In Singapore Is Potentially Problematic

Singapore isn't exactly known for subtlety when it comes to public service announcements. Earlier this year, BuzzFeed alerted us to a seriously creepy Singaporean anti-groping PSA which featured a closeup of a woman's derriere and threatened "stiff penalties" for any offenders.

Now, a PSA by the Singaporean Cancer Society is getting attention. Like the anti-groping ad, the new ad -- which encourages cervical cancer screenings -- has noble intentions that get somewhat lost in the presentation. The series of ads feature famous Singaporean women with their white dresses flying up a la Marilyn Monroe and are plastered with "Lift your skirt. Save your life."

According to BuzzFeed and Al Jazeera, the reactions from Singapore's citizens have been mixed. Tweets ranged from "It's a failure of an ad because it's ironic. Lifting your skirt to most people would have sexual connotations.." to "Sorry but isn’t the purpose of advertising to get people talking. And what is so wrong about the message?"

What do you think? Is this set of PSAs sexist? Was it intended to be controversial to get people thinking about the issue?

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lift your skirt campaign

lift your skirt campaign