CES Preview: Super HD "4K" TV's on the Horizon, GroupM's Irwin Gotlieb

CES Preview: Super HD "4K" TV's on the Horizon, GroupM's Irwin Gotlieb
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Consumers can expect to find 80-inch TVs for less than $3000 in retail stores in the next few years, says Irwin Gotlieb, chairman of global media investment company Group M, in an interview with Beet.TV. As larger sets become the norm, so will the 4K resolution, he adds, as he shares his predictions for the future of TV technology in this interview.

Advances in technology are making larger size sets more reasonable both in price and capabilities. For instance, Samsung demonstrated a 105-inch set at the Consumer Electronics Show several years ago that weighed 2.5 tons, Gotlieb explains. Now, sets that size weigh only 150 pounds or so.

But larger sets need better resolution, so 4K will become more prevalent. "4K is a doubling of the 1080p resolution today, and 4K will come into general use in the next two to three years. On a 50-inch set, you can't see the difference between HD and 4K without a trained eye. But at 80 inches, it's obvious," he tells us in this video interview.

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