Confronting Cesar Chavez's Stance On Illegal Immigration

Confronting Cesar Chavez's Stance On Illegal Immigration

While Cesar Chavez has become one of the most iconic Latino civil rights leaders in U.S. history, his stance on the issue of illegal immigration didn't always reflect the dominant attitude among today's Hispanics.

As a union organizer, Chavez worried that that employers would recruit undocumented immigrants to break strikes. By the 1980s, however, Chavez had become a supporter of immigration reform and backed the 1986 bill signed by President Ronald Reagan that legalized the status of nearly 3 million people.

As people throughout the country commemorate the labor leader on Cesar Chavez Day, HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont asks what Chavez would say about today's immigration debate. Chavez's fellow union leader Dolores Huerta joins the conversation, along with Cesar Chavez Foundation Communications Director Marc Grossman.

Watch the full length Cesar Chavez segment below.

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