Cesar Garcia Allegedly Steals Ambulance, Drives Himself Home From Chandler Police Department

Better safe than sorry?

Police say that a man in need of a lift from an Arizona police station stole an ambulance and drove it home.

Cesar Garcia, 33, was first arrested around 10:40 a.m Sunday for having an open beer at a store in Chandler, Ariz., ABC 15 reports.

After being booked for a misdemeanor, Garcia told police that he would walk home -- but then he had a better idea.

"Once released, it appears that Garcia did not want to walk home to the Guadalupe area, so he took off in an ambulance that was parked at the police department," Chandler police spokesman Joe Favazzo said in a statement, according to KPHO.

Police caught up with Garcia outside of his home.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Garcia didn't actually make it inside the home, as police tried to catch him outside. He "attempted to punch and kick" officers -- as he also knocked one officer's glasses off his face, scratching them -- but was eventually taken into custody.

Garcia was then transported to a hospital, where he proceeded to spit in a nurse's eye, according to the documents.

Garcia faces charges including theft of transportation, unlawful flight from law enforcement, resisting arrest, criminal damage, and aggravated DUI.

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