CGI to replace 'Pee-Wee Herman', Basset Hounds


"I really think, in 5 years from now, no more actors, it's all going to be digital. I do. I really do." - Paul Reubens

Greetings from the “Third Wave” of the Internet as we’re calling it here at AOL.

The First Wave was getting us on the Internet (Dial-Up/You've Got Mail). The Second Wave was getting us addicted to it (social media, gchat). Here’s how AOL co-founder, Steve Case describes “The Third Wave” "a period in which entrepreneurs will vastly transform major “real world” sectors like health, education, transportation, energy, and food--and in the process change the way we live our daily lives."

The End of Actors

On March 25th, writer/producer/actor Paul Reubens stopped by the AOL BUILD studio to discuss Pee-wee's Big Holiday. If you missed it, watch online now or listen to the podcast.

Around 33 minutes, the conversation turned to who his predecessor would be. Spoiler Alert: Michael Cera. But, plot twist, Paul Reubens thinks soon we won’t need actors at all.

“Well I mean, honestly, I’m in the minority that think this. But I really think, in 5 years from now, no more actors, it’s all going to be digital. I do. I really do.

 You know why you don’t think that?” Reubens asked the millennial audience. Because you, you are old.

You’re old for this. That’s true. That’s really true if you think about it. Your kids’ kids are going to look at work right now and think ‘oh this is so weird. this is before they figured out real people have to do this,’ I really think that’s going to happen. I mean we’re this close to a digital Pee Wee. You’re practically seeing a digital Pee Wee on here already”

To which Ricky Camilleri asked “Was there a lot of work done?

Oh, there might have been” responded Paul Reubens.

I stored this knowledge and it has recently resurfaced in light of the LA Times Emmy Award Contender chats.

Specifically, The Emmy Contender chat between LA Times Reporter Yvonne Villarreal and Difficult People creator, Julie Klausner.


In her Hulu comedy series, Difficult People, Klausner’s character has two pet basset hounds. Klausner revealed that initially she was nervous the comedy series budget would not cover the basset hounds. Luckily, the two basset hounds will be returning for Season 2 (July 12 on Hulu).

Klausner then proceeded to joke she was open to replacing the dogs with a different breed if absolutely necessary, but would have the alternate breed transformed into a basset hound during post-production.

Are the actors joking? Let me know in the comments more about computer-generated-imagery.