Cha Cha Cha Chaaaaaappyyyyy Chhhanukahhhhhhh!

Here in San Francisco, where I accidentally moved 33 years ago from Anatevka (well, New York), the stores don't know Pesach from Chanukah. As soon as a Jewish holiday hits (and I don't mean Tu Bishvat), supermarkets and smaller markets, that I gather don't have any Jewish staff, put every imaginable Jewish-themed item in the Jewish holiday section. Yes, even Yahrzeit candles.

At Safeway, we get our wall o' matzoh, regardless of the holiday. "The Jews are here! Get out the matzoh! The Jews looooooove their matzoh!" I saw some this week amidst a Chanukah display: menorahs, candles, dreidels... matzoh? Once, years ago, I asked a clerk for matzoh and was sent to...the frozen food section.

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Great Neck anymore.

Lisa Geduldig is spending the week making latkes, lighting Chanukah candles, fending off falling boxes of matzoh, and planning The 23rd Annual Kung Pao Kosher Comedy™ -- Jewish comedy on Christmas in a Chinese Restaurant, in San Francisco, on Dec 24-26.