Florida Man Plunges Through Bakery Ceiling In Failed Robbery Attempt: Cops

It’s tough getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar — or with your entire body falling through the cookie-making facility’s ceiling.

Chacarion Avant, 19, is charged with armed burglary after crashing down through insulation and ceiling tiles at Gonzalez Bakery in Groveland, Florida, the Daily Commercial reported this week. The "armed" portion of the charges stem from his allegedly having a knife with him.

Officials believe Avant was trying to rob the place, but they aren’t totally sure how he got into the ceiling in the first place, according to WKMG. Fire rescue workers suspect that he walked into a neighboring barber shop that shares the building, then climbed up into the ceiling and crawled over above the bakery. Damaged ceiling tiles at the barber shop support this theory.

Avant allegedly ended up plunging onto a rack of potato chips. Not only did he not get away with any dough, he’s got a court date for January 5.

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