Reviewers Say These Affordable Slides Really Help With Foot Pain

“I loved the first so much I bought another pair,” wrote one reviewer.
Chaco's Chillos slide sandals.

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If you’re looking for a sandal that offers both support and curb appeal, we suggest you ditch flimsy flip-flops for a stylish slide that’s not only good-looking, but is said to help with arch support, chronic foot pain and even discomfort from plantar fasciitis. The Chillo slide from beloved outdoor brand Chaco is an easy slip-on shoe you can sport to the beach or pool, throw in a suitcase or wear around the house.

The Chillo offers Chaco’s signature adjustable “Z”-strap and is made from an incredibly lightweight EVA base that floats in water and promises to feel nice and soft while still giving ample support to the contours of your foot.

“I have really bad plantar fasciitis,” said a Chaco reviewer named Kari. “I bought these to wear in the house. The arch support is life-changing.”

Reviewer Looloo said, “These help me avoid hip and foot pain, and [have] good support” and reviewer JG wrote, “Best sandals in the world, corrected my plantar facitis and heel spur pain. Love love.”

Dr. Howard E. Friedman, a podiatrist board-certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, tells patients recovering from plantar fasciitis “to wear some supportive footwear from the moment their foot hits the ground in the morning through the rest of the day. Slides with arch support are helpful since for someone getting out of bed, they are easy to slide into,” he said.


While Friedman doesn’t endorse any particular shoe, he acknowledged that other styles from Chaco are known for having a “supportive arch-shaped footbed,”and it’s clear from reviews that Chaco’s slides offer the kind of support that can relieve some types of foot pain.

Other reviewers echo the comfort and stability of these slides, with MsAng writing on Chaco’s website, “I am very pleased with my Chillos! The arch support and cushion are very comfortable. I’ve had a lot of pain in my feet for quite awhile. Since I’ve been wearing these, the pain has subsided.”

On Amazon, pregnant reviewers mentioned wearing these shoes when their feet swelled, saying they like the adjustability and that the corrective footbed helped with numbness tingling from sciatic pain and sensitive arches.

Like other styles of Chacos, these slides come in a wide selection of colors, from vibrant neons to monochrome neutrals. You even can find them with patterned straps to give your toes a little twinkle. This style is said to be so comfortable, it’s converted people who prefer a more strapped-in sandal. “Not usually a slides wearer, but I love these,” reviewer MnMom said on the barnd’s website. :Great for around the house and out and about. Noticed a marked difference in (NO) knee and heel pain. I plan on having multiple pairs on hand!”

They’re not the only buyer who endorsed a bulk purchase: another Chaco reviewer, KT, called the shoes the “best slides ever” and wrote that they “loved the first so much I bought another pair. Go-to shoes as ‘slippers’ on mornings when my plantar fasciitis is flaring.”

Whether you need an easy shoe to wear to the gym or are looking for vacation sandals that don’t take up much suitcase space but still give you foot support, snag a pair of these stylish, affordable Chaco slides. Your wallet and your feet may thank you.

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