Chad Kerksick, OU Professor, Accused Of Using Students As Guinea Pigs, Poking And Bruising Them

Several graduate students have accused a University of Oklahoma assistant professor of using them as guinea pigs in his research.

Chad Kerksick, who is currently on a leave of absence from the university without pay, allegedly poked and injured students that volunteered to participate in his work. has more:

The graduate student gave us some videos, which show some of the procedures performed on his teaching assistants, and other student volunteers. Many times these procedures were painful and sometimes led to internal bleeding and awful bruises.

Besides the injuries, many students were told to keep certain research practices secret.

And this student said sometimes, results were even altered by the professor, who was allegedly getting payments from companies for his research, while on the university dime.

Kerksick's worked in the exercise physiology department at Oklahoma. According to his OU bio, his research interests included the "impact of acute and chronic exercise" and antioxidant supplementation. According to his LinkedIn, Kerksick also worked at Baylor University in Texas.

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