Chad Kerksick, Oklahoma Professor, Accused Of Performing Medical Experiments On Students

An Oklahoma professor has been accused by a former teaching assistant of using students as medical "guinea pigs," and making deals with companies to earn money from their results, KWTV reports.

A graduate student, who asked the station to remain anonymous, provided videos which revealed the experiments ... and their painful results.

"Many times these procedures were painful and sometimes led to internal bleeding and awful bruises. Besides the injuries, many students were told to keep certain research practices secret."

The student said the university knew about the experiments, but that the professor assured administrators it was done in a "sterile environment" taking "all the precautions needed."

Kerksick has since been put on a leave of absence without pay, though an OU spokesperson would not tell the station why.

Last week, Dave McMillen, a ninth grade science teacher, resigned after a student found a camera hidden under a classroom desk, allegedly for voyeurism.

In 2009, surveillance video documented a school bus driver hitting a choking a severely autistic student. The family of the student entered a $20 million lawsuit against the school board for allowing it to happen.

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