Chad Leslie Peters, Noted Erotica Author, Seeks Female Companion On Craigslist For Latest Project

We've seen some odd Craigslist advertisements in our day.

There was the infamous "holiday boyfriend" who sought companionship only for the month of December. The group of roommates advertising their apartment to "hoarders only." And who can forget the entrepreneur looking for someone to slap him in the face every time he tried to procrastinate?

But this latest ad might be the most bizarre Craigslist post yet.

Erotica author Chad Leslie Peters wants an intern. And not just any intern. In his words, he needs a "female participant for an affair."

Peters found success with his earlier novel, "The Affair: A Thirty Day Experiment in Love," which he noted reached Amazon's top 20 in the erotica category. So for his latest attempt at professional prose, he's venturing into the trying world of nonfiction.

"The book will detail every aspect of a mutually-agreed to romantic affair between myself and a young FEMALE lover (perhaps you)," his ad reads. "If you agree to participate in this project, you will keep a diary of all of your thoughts, impressions and memories of the thirty day affair that we will share. I will then combine your written thoughts with my own to present the reader with two versions of the same erotic story."

Peters, a San Francisco resident, won't settle for just anyone. He specifies that candidates must practice safe sex and be at least 20 years old, and he plans to select his lucky lady based on a "brief email correspondence."

High standards, after all, are an essential part of any hiring process.



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