Chad Michael Murray's 'Sun Records' Nude Scene Is Reminiscent Of That 'One Tree Hill' Moment

The actor wants you to meet "the dad-bod version" of CMM.

One Tree Hill” lovers, unite! (Or if you’re a “Dawson’s Creek” or “Gilmore Girls” fan, that works, too.)

Our early-aughts crush Chad Michael Murray is giving us a treat on his new show, “Sun Records,” and stripping down to nothing but a towel (hanging from you-know-where) in a scene reminiscent of that “One Tree Hill” nothing-but-basketballs-down-the-high-school-hallway moment. 

“Everybody keeps saying, ‘Nothing but a towel or a basketball with a hole cut out in it,’ which, by the way, that’s how that scene actually went down. It was a foamy basketball, so it wasn’t a real basketball, but we tried that and trust me, it did not hide ... the real one,” Murray told The Huffington Post of the “OTH” scene during a Build Series interview on Thursday, continuing, “So, we had to find a foam basketball and they cut a hole out in it so you could just [motions] ... you get the gist. And that was, what, Episode 2 of ‘One Tree Hill,’ I think? My goodness, like, ‘Hey guys, when am I not going to be naked on set?’”

It was Season 1, Episode 3, when Lucas Scott does that infamous walk, but who’s keeping track?

As for why Murray decided to get in the buff for “Sun Records,” the actor said his character, the famous 1950s record executive Sam Phillips, was simply flirting with his next-door neighbor. 

“It’s done tastefully and it’s done beautifully and [it was] super uncomfortable,” Murray joked. “Our neighbor in the show is basically the Avon lady and I was like, ‘Gosh, this is such a good relationship, let’s make it something!’ I decided Sam has the biggest crush on her in the weirdest way, so every time Nadine comes to the house, I wanted to push the envelope, and this is where it came. That wasn’t what the scene initially was, but that’s what it became.”

Still, Murray said this naked moment was a little more embarrassing to do than the “OTH” one.

“We’re bringing it back but, you know, this is the dad-bod version of me.” 

Here’s the “Sun Records” scene:

”Sun Records” is on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on CMT. Watch Chad Michael Murray’s full Build Series interview below. 

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