Chad Ochocinco's Bed: Patriots Star Receiver Sleeps On Fish Bed

Ochocinco Has A Pretty Awesome Place To Sleep

Well, Chad Ochocinco's bed certainly looks the part.

The Boston Herald has posted a picture of Chad Ochocinco's new sleeping arrangement, custom-built for him by Wayde King and Brett Raymer of the reality show “Tanked," and dare we say, it's a little bit fishy.

(Click HERE for photos)

The Patriots' newest star has had a massive fish tank installed at his Florida home that arches over his bed, allowing him to stare at a variety of fish before he goes to sleep.

But the somewhat unorthodox bed choice sort of fits based on what we know about the twitter savant, as Chad Ochocinco doesn't seem to be into normal living accommodations (or normal anything, for that matter). Upon moving to Boston to join the Patriots, the wide receiver announced that he wanted to live with a fan to help him become acclimated with the city.

Shockingly, there are no plans to date to turn that living arrangement into a VH1 reality TV show.

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